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Your music, moving the Universe.

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To help transform YOUR sound into music that MOVES


Capturing your mind at work, in the studio or in your space


From modern and punchy, to organic and natural, mixes that express YOU and your style


Lyrics, beat-making, and MIDI programming. I provide the input that you need


Making your files clean and tight, quickly and efficiently with care

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We are forever changed by music that moves us

Event Horizon Productions is a professional studio offering recording, mixing, writing, and editing services. Located in Stittsville, just beyond the noisy hustle, we specialize in working with independent artists and songwriters.

Uniqueness, creativity, honesty – we believe that the world needs what you have in your mind and what you hold in your heart. Tragic is the masterpiece that never sees light! We are deeply moved by music that is honest and unforgiving, and we believe that raw emotion is as real as it gets.

A relaxed and comfortable environment is key to capturing the best of what you have to share. Creativity flows when distraction, stress, and anxiety are left behind at the door.

You are an unstoppable critical mass. Our goal is to help you succeed in making music that moves.

Meet Paul

Paul Mitchel

Producer. Mixer. Recording Engineer. Dad.

I am deeply moved by all things musical. I enjoy sharing my excitement with all those around me and helping to create an atmosphere of playfulness and purpose - the antithesis of boring! I am a big believer in channeling one’s inner child in order to combat the ever-persistent forces of BLAH… Being a parent to two young boys, I am reminded each day of how important a playful sense of wonder is for a free and healthy mind. I practice mindful meditation daily, which I believe has the power to help anyone become more centred and present in the moment - something that I believe is all-too-easily lost in today’s hurried world. I don’t want to allow the wonder to be crushed - I'm here to keep it alive for you! It's true that we all get lost sometimes, and it is in these moments that we need something to help us become ourselves again. I believe that 'something' is honest expression. The world is much better for it!

Tell me about your project - and ask me about a FREE test mix!

No inquiry is too casual. I love helping you make great music.